TWIN Hemera 2021

TWIN Hemera 2021

Here you can follow me and my colleagues during the TWIN Hemera 2021 campaign at Esrange Space Center near Kiruna, Sweden.

What are we doing here? We will launch a balloon! Within the Hemera project (, we will launch a large balloon to up to ~ 30 Km in the stratosphere. The balloon will carry several hundreds of Kg of equipment to collect large samples of stratospheric air at different altitudes. After the sample return, this air will be analyzed in the lab for many trace gases and isotopes (e.g. ozone depleting substances, isotopes of CO2, CH4, COS etc). Some of these gases have never been measured before in the stratosphere; others were measured long ago, and we need to learn how they changed.

The campaign will take about two weeks – I will share some of it via the blog below.

by Elena Popa  (IMAU – Utrecht University)


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